US Patent No. 9,938,763 – US Patent No. 10,400,503 B2  – US Patent No. 10,837,223 B2

About Us

Tim Miller

President – Security Glass Pros, Inc. / Inventor – Zsecure for Doors

Tim; the inventor of ZSecure for Doors, has been in the window film industry since 1984. Over those 30+ years he has observed and witnessed the evolution of the industry. His passion for security and the rise in demand for using security film the more obsessed he became. However, the anchoring systems on the market for doors have been inadequate or nonexistent for doors. Beginning in 2015 Tim began developing/engineering ideas on how to achieve a solution to this problem. ZSecure, after several years, was finalized and Tim was awarded 3 patents by the United States of America. He, along with his team offer ZSecure for Doors for the protection of our communities from the tragic events of the day.

Robert E. McElroy

Chief Operating Officer – Secure Glass Pros, Inc.

Robert; Comes from a background of Executive positions with Fortune 500 companies such as Snap-on Tools, JP Morgan Chase and General Motors. Upon hearing about ZSecure for Doors he has been determined to make this crucial safety system available to the public. “Our communities must have safe and secure buildings to congregate in and ZSecure is essential to the solution”.

Chris Ofe

Vice President Dealer Training – Secure Glass Pros, Inc.

Chris; Brings 20 years of experience in the window film industry. With his skills and knowledge working with Tim since the beginning of ZSecure for Doors he has been instrumental in developing the process and procedures to install ZSecure for Doors. He understands the importance of providing security the correct way.