US Patent No. 9,938,763 – US Patent No. 10,400,503 B2  – US Patent No. 10,837,223 B2

Why do you need ZSecure for your doors?

You need ZSecure if you are interested in keeping your students, employees, as well as friends and family safe from intruders, or even violent weather using safety films. You must have your security filmed glass anchored by “ZSecure for Doors” which holds the total system within the frame of the door. Silicone methods work great for windows. Siliconing security film on doors virtually does nothing to secure the total system. Most all doors in the United States and possibly the world, are done incorrectly or are not anchored / attached at all.

This problem is because of the lack of knowledge, unevolved technology from architects, designers and uninformed security experts. Simply too much cut and paste form previous outdated specifications.

How it Works:

ZSecure is a custom fitted anchoring system that goes on the frame of the door over the glass stop down to the security filmed glass and then on to the security filmed glass.  ZSecure will also work on acrylics or polycarbonates. ZSecure is color matched to the existing door and is virtually undetected.


Our patented ZSecure has never failed.

Security film will fail to keep anyone out if not anchored properly. With school and worship safety at the forefront, the wrong specification is still being made and results can be tragic for a community just because the security film is not anchored properly.

Security film not anchored properly!