US Patent No. 9,938,763 – US Patent No. 10,400,503 B2  – US Patent No. 10,837,223 B2

Why do you need ZSecure for your doors?


You need ZSecure if you are interested in keeping your students, employees, as well as friends and family safe from intruders, or even violent weather using safety and security film, then you must have this film anchored within the frame that is holding the glass.

Silicones such as 3M IPA and Dow Corning 995 works great for windows. Siliconing glass stops to the filmed glass virtually does nothing because the stops are just clipped into the door frame. When impacted, the glass stops simply release from the frame of the door and the filmed piece of glass can simply be pushed in.

Most all doors in the United States and possibly the world, are done incorrectly or are not anchored or attached at all.  This is the observation made by Tim Miller as he has traveled the United States and too a few other countries. Locally there are several ISD’s that have doors done incorrectly.  Unfortunately, this has been brought to their attention and fallen on deaf ears.

This problem is because of lack of knowledge, incorrect specifications from architects, designers and so-called security experts.  Please do not be offended by this statement.  This is not done maliciously.  Simply to much cut and paste from previous specifications.